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Why we use off-shore help to prepare your tax return

Section title: The Off-Shore Advantage – Why our clients prefer it.

Yes, America’s CPA does use off-shore tax preparation services to prepare your returns. This business workflow directly aligns with how we support our customers. Everything we do is for the benefit of our clients.

1. Increased focus on your financial picture

a. Your U.S. based tax professional’s time is now focused on your financial picture rather than inputting data into the software.

b. This focus allows them to patiently answer your questions about college, retirement, social security and other questions you may have pertaining to your finances.

2. Job creation

a. We are creating jobs, both in the United States as well as in other countries.

b. For every off-shore employee added to our team, one tax professional, marketing consultant or other support position is added to our team in the United States.

3. Enhanced quality

a. Your tax return is more thoroughly prepared and reviewed than ever before. Our off-shore team is educated, experienced, and receives the same high-level training that your tax professionals in the United States receive.

b. Our off-shore partner has relationships with 500 other firms like ours and has a reputation in our industry of being a highly credible resource for tax preparation firms.

c. Your United States tax professional takes complete accountability for your return as they triple-check the work and e-file the end product.

4. Your tax return is priced competitively

a. Because our costs are managed, you are receiving CPA level service for the same price of local tax franchises.

b. Our off-shore employees receive excellent compensation in their country.

5. Your data is safe and secure

a. Your data remains on U.S. based servers.

b. Our off-shore team dials into our servers from a tightly controlled facility.

i. Our off-shore partner is an ISO 27001:2013 certified company. This means they have developed compliance and directives to establish appropriate conduct relating to the administrative, technical and physical safeguards of your records and information.

ii. A number of controls are in place to achieve the protection of your data including:

• Access controls

• Logging and monitoring

• Operational control

• Information system audit control

• Password management

6. You can opt out

a. If you like our service and our five-guarantee package, and yet are not comfortable with having our off-shore team prepare and review your return, ask your Sales Consultant about the U.S. only pricing.

b. We have a U.S. based team of preparers and reviewers standing by.

c. All U.S. based teams receive the same high level training as our off-shore teams receive.

d. All U.S. based teams still triple-check every return worked on.

America’s CPA Pricing

One of the things prospective clients must know is how we price our tax returns that we prepare. As we have studied pricing across the industry, it is quite evident that the old way of pricing by timesheets is fundamentally unfair to the client. The client is not in control of the process and is quite uncertain of how much the work will cost.

America’s CPA has introduced value pricing to our clients. Value pricing is up-front pricing based on the value that we deliver to our clients. Value pricing forces us to remain knowledgeable in the tax code and efficient at delivering our services. And, most importantly, our value pricing is very competitive to retail tax shops.

It is difficult to post a price list as each client is different and the work involved for preparation can vary. However, we can describe in general terms how the pricing works as follows:

1. Most returns will be less than $600.

2. Certain activities add complexity to the return and will increase the price. Examples include

a. Small business or farms

b. Rental property

c. Crypto currency

d. Processing K1s from estates, partnerships or s-corporations

e. Education credits

f. Head of Household status

3. Your sales consultant will provide a firm quote after the initial interview before any work has begun on the return.

4. If for whatever reason you are unsatisfied with our service, our Client Delight Guarantee assures that we will promptly refund every penny. No questions asked.

We expect payment up front before any work is done via a credit card or bank transfer. This up-front payment allows us to put your returns in the queue for immediate processing.

P.S. Ask our Sales Consultant about our W-2 special! Most W-2s can be prepared for under $150.


1040 individual income tax preparation including most state returns

I am able to scale nationally while managing quality

Payroll services

Easy to setup; outsource to Gusto

Coming soon - GiftReporter online subscription software for nonprofits

GiftReporter software is donor management software that is step 1 on my nonprofit value ladder. I am building next steps and plan to upcsale as many nonprofits as possible.

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America’s CPA was created for the benefit of everyday Americans - Americans who are not getting the tax and finance support they should from my industry and are forced to go to retail tax shops for basic tax preparation and no significant tax planning or advisory. We deliver high quality tax returns for Everyday Americans. Triple-checked by the preparer, the reviewer and your CPA.

Be confident that your return is filed accurately and timely. Be confident in your CPA's knowledge and abilities - stop wondering whether you know more about the tax code than your preparer does.

At America’s CPA, we introduce value pricing to our clients. Value pricing is up-front pricing based on the value that we deliver to our clients. Value pricing forces us to remain knowledgeable in the tax code and efficient at delivering our services. And, most importantly, our value pricing is very competitive to retail tax shops.

Clients can always call or email us without wondering about the cost of the phone call. Clients never have to worry about receiving their invoice for tax prep services in the mail ever again.

Meet the Owner

Brad Jacobs


Brad Jacobs has been preparing individual tax returns for the last 20 years. He has created America's CPA for the sole benefit of everyday Americans searching for a CPA that is friendly, competent, and price-competitive. He was able to create America's CPA for the benefit of everyday Americans as he was uniquely positioned outside of the public accounting industry and approaches serving clients from their perspective. By not accepting business returns, Brad is able to focus on individual tax issues and provide a higher level of service to his clients. Brad only hires tax preparers who are either CPAs or Enrolled Agents, who have years of experience in tax preparation. Brad and his team have been trained to actively listen to clients before recommending solutions. By having your CPA take the time just to listen to you is well worth the investment made each year in your return. After all, it is your money that we are talking about.

Client Delight Guarantee

If you don’t agree that our tax service delivers far more value than its price, or are otherwise dissatisfied at any time or for any reason, just let us know. We will refund every penny promptly, and we will part on good terms. No questions! No hassles! No kidding!

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