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Is your current tax preparation process nothing more than answering questions from computer software, from a barely trained data-entry tax preparer, or from a CPA firm who thinks a "stand-alone 1040" is a dirty word?

Are you unsure whether your tax returns were

prepared correctly?

Do you need help navigating the Social Security maze or

using the tax code to help pay for college?

Do you lack confidence that you are minimizing

your tax liabilities?

Do you need a plan to minimize income taxes

over a lifetime?

Is your current tax provider rushing you through

the process? Do you have to pay extra just to

meet with your CPA?

Are you interested in three powerful ways of

saving taxes while giving charitable


Our heart breaks when we hear stories about how big tax corporations just don't care about everyday Americans

Take control of your tax situation today

Understand why you pay the taxes you pay

Master tax strategies to reduce your tax burden

America's CPA offers its five-guarantee virtual tax service and tax preparation for less then $500 - something no one else believes is possible

CPA or Enrolled Agent Guarantee - Never worry again about whether your tax preparer is qualified

Triple Triple-Check Guarantee - Never worry about mistakes in your tax return. Each return is triple-checked three separate times. Once by the preparer, once by the reviewer, and once by your tax professional.

Emergency Services Guarantee - Never worry about being forgotten by your preparer after you file. Enjoy year-round peace of mind. Every 1040 return filed will have protection up to $1M of services to resolve audits and notices from the IRS and your state. A team of experienced CPAs and Enrolled agents is standing by to help.

Identity Theft Restoration Guarantee - Never worry again about cleaning up the mess of identity theft. Every social security number on every 1040 return filed is protected.

Client Delight Guarantee - Never worry about our tax service delivering far less value than our price. If we don't deliver on our promises or you are dissatisfied at any time for any reason, just let us know. We will refund every penny promptly, and we will part on good terms. No questions! No hassles! No kidding!

How are our clients taking control of their finances?

Alison L.

I cannot say enough good things about America's CPA, and specifically, Brad Jacobs.

He walked step by step with me so I understood not only my return but also so I had a much more solid grasp of my finances. Every encounter I had with Brad left me feeling positive, supported, and confident in his competence. He is honorable and demonstrates the utmost integrity. It is evident that Brad operates from a foundation of respect, kindness, and expertise.

I highly recommend America's CPA!

Adam JR S.

"Like an idiot, I didn't do my taxes for the last

4 years. I finally decided to stop being stupid,

and to get them done. I googled Tax CPAs in Charlottesville, and read some reviews and decided to go with Brad at America's CPA.

That was on Tuesday. Today is Friday. All 4 years of my taxes have been done, I've e-signed everything, and Brad will be filing them with the IRS here shortly. And, I'm getting a refund (wasn't expecting that!). Brad asked the right questions, the portal was easy to use for sharing documents back and forth, and he's extremely responsive to questions via email.

I highly recommend Brad at America's CPA."

Jenny B.

"We have been using America's CPA for several years to prepare our tax returns.

They do a great job and are timely.

Whenever we have questions Brad is great about responding.

As the tax laws change we have been so grateful to have someone to prepare our returns.

It gives us a great peace of mind."

Romana H.

I was looking for a local CPA that could help me with immediate tax issues as well as all future tax issues. Brad was recommended to me by a friend. I talked to 4 other accountants before Brad and I was so impressed with Brad's responsiveness, compassionate willingness to help, and the clincher was his thoroughness!

He looked at my situation from every angle possible before settling on a well thought out plan. I highly recommend him and already have to my friends.

Larry M.

If you're looking for the ultimate combination of expertise and integrity this is the place.

Brad handles returns with multiple sources of income, multiple businesses and many other complexities, and does it all well. He stays abreast of the changes in tax code and always ensures that I'm getting all breaks to which I'm entitled, without ever introducing risk. I've been with Brad as a CPA and tax consultant for more than 15 years and wouldn't consider changing.

I STRONGLY recommend contacting him if you are looking for a CPA or tax consultant.

Chuck H.

I highly recommend America's CPA.

Brad and his team, are easy to work with, knowledgeable and treat you professionally.

This is the first time a CPA took as much as I needed, to explain the process so I understood. Found my CPA for my personal and corporate taxes. Thanks Brad!

Highly recommend him for your personal or Corp taxes!

Your America's CPA tax professional is guaranteed to have years of experience guiding clients to overcome their anxiety about a confusing tax code and to learn new tax strategies to save them money next year and over their lifetimes.

Virtual tax service and tax preparation in three simple steps

Step 1: Schedule appointment with your SALES CONSULTANT

During this appointment, your sales consultant will provide a firm quote and schedule an appointment for you with your tax professional.

Step 2: Meet your TAX


A video call with your tax professional who will listen to you without rushing you out the door. They will explain the client portal and the detailed process.

Step 3: Upload tax documents, then sit back and relax

Upload your documents to our easy-to-use client portal. Your tax professional will take it from there.

Stop worrying about your taxes and financial future.

Take control.

Be the hero of your story.

At America's CPA, we know that you want to be confident and in command when filing your taxes and planning for life events such as college and retirement. In order to do that, you need a plan to minimize your tax liability for years to come. The problem is complex tax law and competing goals of lifestyle versus college savings and retirement planning can leave you frustrated and anxious. We believe that it doesn’t have to be this way. We believe that people should do what they do best – make money – while sleeping well at night knowing they have a comprehensive financial plan in place that achieves their goals and minimizes tax liability over a lifetime. We understand that trying to balance a financial platter of lifestyle, college, retirement and taxes can lead to confusion and uncertainty about whether your plan is the optimal plan. This is why America's CPA is a CPA firm driven to educating our clients and finding solutions and strategies that leads them to financial success.

It is easy to onboard as a client at America's CPA.

1) Meet with your sales consultant via a video call to discuss your tax history and personal finances.

The sales consultant will take detailed notes, evaluate the complexity of your return and offer a fixed, up-front quote to prepare your tax return. Your sales consultant will take payment at that time for the service and schedule your first meeting with your tax professional.

2) Via a video call, meet with your tax professional who will listen to you in a relaxed, no pressure meeting.

This is a great opportunity to ask your tax professional about any questions or concerns you may have concerning your finances. Your tax professional will thoroughly explain the next steps in the process including the client portal and any documents needed from you to process your returns.

3) Upload documents to the client portal. Your tax professional will take it from there. Your returns will be prepared by a tax preparer who will triple-check

their work.

Your returns will be triple-checked by a tax reviewer. Finally, your returns will be triple-check by your tax professional. Just sit back and relax. At the end of the process, you will have plenty of opportunity to review the returns, ask as many questions as you would like, and e-sign your returns for e-filing.

All of this done virtually, from the convenience of your home using your laptop or cell phone.

America's CPA - Why our mission is different


1) We guide our clients on a path to become financially successful and experience freedom from anxiety.

2) We are always pushing the envelope - continually looking for tax strategies and technologies that will benefit our clients.

3) We respect each one of our clients, no matter what.

Ask about our client delight guarantee:

If you don't agree that our tax preparation service delivers far more value than its price, or are otherwise dissatisfied at any time or for any reason, just let us know. We will refund every penny courteously and promptly, and we will part on good terms, no questions, no hassles, no kidding.

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